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HUMMEL AG will present an extensive range of pump assemblies at Aquatherm Vienna 2014. At the same time, the innovative, customer-oriented company will present its new, refined insulation box for this product area.

The refined insulation box features prepunched cut-outs that allow the installation of all common pumps. Different pumps can therefore be fitted as required.

The prepunched cut-outs allow even faster and simpler assembly than ever before. No additional tools are needed for assembly. The insulation box for the HUMMEL pump assemblies ensures optimum ventilation of the pump electronics.

Made of EPP, the box is very robust, insulates the components and at the same time serves as a transport case.

Pump assemblies from HUMMEL

Via wholesale, the company offers tradesmen a range of pump assemblies for both conventional heating systems and solar installations.

Pump assemblies from HUMMEL are compact, preassembled and insulated units consisting of ball valves and a mixer and pump that can be quickly and easily installed into the heating circuit on the construction site. There is no need for complicated and time-consuming soldering or welding of the individual components.

With HUMMEL AG’s broad product range, the customer can choose between different varieties that can be combined and assembled on request.



Manufacturers’ high-efficiency pumps can be fitted if desired, allowing energy costs to be reduced in a detached house.

Aquatherm Vienna 2014: Hall A, Stand 00233